Eye Exams

Dr. Morgan and his daughter

Our eyes are amazing organs and most of us rely on our sense of vision to accomplish most of what we do in our jobs and hobbies. At Complete Eye Care, we feel that taking care of our eyes is critical. We are only given two, and they need to last longer and longer as modern medicine gives us longer lives. Regular, routine eye exams are proven to be a great way to maintain eye health.

Comprehensive eye exams include an analysis of your vision, visual function, and eye health. We will check your prescription changes, the ability of your eye muscles to work together, and the actual tissue of the different parts of your eye. This includes screening for corneal disease, dry eye syndrome, cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and more. Several common eye diseases have very few symptoms at first, and early detection produces better treatment results.

We provide other services that are separate from comprehensive exams (for instance, foreign body removal or contact lens fittings), but Dr. Morgan recommends an annual comprehensive eye exam to rule out eye diesase.

We look forward to serving you. Although our eye exams are very comprehensive, they are also more comfortable and efficient than ever before. The latest in technology allows us to arrive at our findings more quickly with less invasive techniques than in the past (for example: no air puff!). Please schedule an appointment on-line today!